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Automatic Ads. Insertion Technology

LOS Team has presented another intense and cash making highlight with "Programmed Ads Insertion" innovation that will now permit two promotions bundles with various advertisements to run over and over and sequentially, consistently, at a given steady rate. Suppose a pack of 10 advertisements in 2 distinct sets can keep running at regular intervals interim successively, permitting 20 promotions to run 24 times in a day. This can be effectively accomplished through "Programmed Ads Insertion" highlight gave by LOS.

This product which is our processing plant made innovation to coordinate and infuse standards and ad into your content in pieces.

AAI is good and integratable with Live Stream TV, Cloud TV, Video On Demand Platform, DVR and our other streaming products.

As now you know the force of various inserting and sharing, if not then please read [ Multi Share and Embed Technology ] so you realize that how AAI can increase your income 10x circumstances.

This modern strategy is not accessible anyplace. This is a LOS restrictive arrangement which gives client another edge to emerge in the market and procure great promotions business using an advancement "Programmed Ads Insertion" procedure.

LOS additionally gives a few different techniques to promotions inclusions (more than 15 focuses advertisements positions) which is again LOS restrictive arrangements that works exceptionally well with just LOS stages:

Video Ads Insertions through the use of API

  • Pre-roll
  • Mid-roll
  • Post-roll
  • Qpoints

Display Ads Insertions through Corporate Ads

  • Top Banner
  • Bottom Banner
  • Side Banners
  • much more.

Ads Insertions through schedules, presets and Cloud Tv platforms

  • Ads gets burned into streams at a given time
  • Multiple insertion points

Show advertisements, video-in-video, scroll promotions, and considerably more.

LOS gives many methods for promoting through many methods for presenting advertisements insertion systems and strategies.

We promise you these bundled system is one of a kind, uncommon, creative and not a single where in sight. We have one of a kind promotions packaged arrangements that profits for organizations.

Unlimited Package Update

New " Unlimited " Automatic Ads. Inclusion Feature. This propelled highlight can serve over 1000's of stage promotions separately by their database commercials. This plan of action interfaces web promotions at a quick rate.

Global Ads. Insertion with CDN Package Update

New lucrative business has been presented by Live Online Services (LOS), which now serves to incorporate boundless "Programmed Ads Insertion" through a single record. This propelled components can serve more than 100 of nations promotions separately by their territorial ads. This business can build advertisements income exponentially.

ENHANCED Ads. Insertion Update

LOS group upgraded "Programmed Ads Insertion" by enhancing "auto restart," "interims," "observing," "division," "pressure," "transmission," "de-segmentation" and a great deal more. This will add to "enhanced business" for clients to "acquire more" through "advertisements streaming."

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