Frequenty Asked Questions for Webnet eCommerce Platform


1. How Webnet’s Ecommerce platform can help my company?

If you’re running an online business and want your online store to be impressive and highly accessible to your customers along with secured and user-friendly content management system, this is the right option for.

2. What are the ecommerce tools you offer?

We have a wide range of Ecommerce tools. Some of them include:

  • Sales and financial reports
  • Discount code generation
  • Neglected cart recovery
  • SEO tools
  • Customer data flow
  • Business Analytics with infographics
  • User management
  • Brand management
  • Inventory management
  • Manage products
  • payments
  • shipping

3. Why do I need webnet ecommerce platform?

The website content management system will help you to handle your online website on a secure place to sell your product/service and control the information of your products, customers and suppliers.

4. Can we see how your CMS work before actually buying it?

You can surely have a demo. Here is the link to demo of our Ecommerce platform:

5. Will I have to install special software onto my computer to use the Webnet’s Ecommerce platform?

You don’t need to install any software; if you will purchase hosting from Webnet Pakistan(Pvt)Ltd, then there is no need to install anything.But if you will use your own hosting, you will have to install an extension provided by Webnet Pakistan (Pvt.)Ltd.

6. How long will it take to launch my Ecommerce website?

If you choose for our template-based store-fronts, the website will be delivered to you within 10 to 15 working days. If you are looking forward for a custom website, you can contact us on our numbers or to get a quote of it.

7. Do I need to have experience of website development to use this content management system?

Our CMS can be used by everyone including the non-technical individuals and those who are just introduced to this field of work.

8. Is there an extra fee for software updates and edits?

You can update software easily as it is user friendly system and can be used by anyone but if you want to avail these service by our company then We have different packages for our website management services.

9. Can I restrict different users from accessing the sections of CMS?

Yes, you can. You can assign the access of your CMS sections to particular users within your organizations.

10. How many numbers of pages can we have?

You can make unlimited number of pages by single click through the CMS.

11. Is there a storage limit for data?

No, there is no limit for data storage.

12. Is the system reliable?

Our CMS is highly secured as it is customary built by our developers. Our CMS is being used by Large organization and Medium size organization. We are now introducing our product to startups to enhance their business with our platform.

13. Can I use my own domain name with webnet ecommerce?

Yes, you can use your own domain name with webnet ecommerce.If you have an existing domain name, you can connect it to webnet ecommerce from your store’s admin. If you don’t have a domain name yet, you can either buy one through webnet or a third-party provider.

14. In what countries can I use Webnet Ecommerce platform?

You can use Webnet Ecommerce platform in nearly every country in the world.

15. Where can I sell with Webnet Ecommerce platform?

Webnet Ecommerce platform let you sell almost everywhere your customers live in, including online, in-person, online marketplaces and social media.

16. Will I be provided technical support even after training?

No, you would be provided with technical assistance only once.

17. Is training conducted on-site?

Training would be provided by considering your convenience and ease.

18. Does Webnet only work with the Ecommerce?

We have a solution for each of your digital problems. Webnet provides you with number of website solutions and digital marketing services.

19. How can I buy Webnet’s Ecommerce platform?

It’s simple, contact uss now.

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