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Facebook Adverts Get BIG Business


Why Use Facebook Adverts?

Face book is no longer a mere social media platform as Face book with the passage of time has attained the position of a successful advertising platform. To give everyone an opportunity to use this successful social platform for advertising purpose, Face book offers face book adverts. Do you know a distinct advantage associated with the face book adverts? It helps businesses to reach out to their highly targeted audiences in a very effective manner on a global level.

To render this platform further effective and to help businesses target their customers in the utmost effective manner Face book has recently introduced extended surveillance and features that helps businesses identify and target audiences with specific demographic reach and specific needs. This way this advert service is able to track user activities, their needs and behavior to help you reach out to these highly targeted audiences. To be more precise, the face book adverts are among the most cost-effective and powerful online tools to reach out to your customers at a global level.

Recent statistics suggest that Pakistan Face book users have crossed the figure of 11 million users and while 7.4 million of these users are men an approximate of 3 million users are women. Moreover, the popularity of Face book among the youth can be understood from the fact that two third of the Pakistan’s Face book users are under the age of 25. Similarly, Pakistani Face book users are known to spend as much as 40 minutes a day on the Face book platform.

Further, as much as 60% of the Pakistan internet users make use of the online platform to interact with the brands and the Face book being one of them. Therefore, businesses can ensure increasing their access to their customers and reaching out to their highly targeted customers with the help of the Face book adverts.

Why You Should Make Use of The FaceBook Adverts

Below We Are Listing The 6 Top Reasons Why You Should Make Use of The Facebook Adverts.

Specific and Effective Targeting

Specific and effective targeting is one of the most outstanding reasons why you should consider the Face book adverts. No doubt until your ads are specific and targeted they can fail to translate into results and therefore, fail to boost your business. The more specific the businesses are in terms of targeting their customers with their advertisements, according to their demographics, the more successful their advertisements are likely to be. Therefore, if your business is also looking to reach out to your target customers in the most targeted and specific manner, the Face book adverts are just for you.

Successfully Engage Your Customers

Today, customers prefer one to one interaction and like to be in direct contact with the business before they commence with the purchase. Since your customers are more aware and well-informed today they have a lot of questions in their mind and want to make sure that the business offers them reliable products/services. The face book adverts allow you to engage your customers directly and answer all questions they have in their minds to obtain their confidence and trust and thus facilitate the purchase process.


Social Recommendations

Face book adverts allow for social recommendations that allow businesses to spread the word about their products/services in an optimally quick manner. Similarly, your contacts and your following on these pages can also help you reach out to their contacts by suggesting or recommending their contacts to join your pages. Ensuring your presence on these pages therefore, means that you can gain access to a large number of customers in no time who in turn can introduce you to a large number of people. Since your advertisements on this platform can be endorsed too it adds credibility to your marketing efforts and helps you gain customer trust. Similarly, this platform is also great for making announcements to reach your customers in virtually no amount of time.

Comprehensive Feedback

Businesses are always in need of comprehensive feedback to improve their offerings and also their services. This is where the face book platform can be of immense help to businesses as it provides them with detailed statistical insights into the behavior of their connections and followers. Similarly, it also helps businesses to know the content on their page that is gaining customer attention and the content that is failing to hold their attention. In short it helps businesses to identify their strengths, weaknesses and where they need to improve in a very short amount of time. Businesses that choose to customize or design their fan page for sharing customer experiences and comments can obtain a quick insight into how customers feel about their products/services and use it to boost their products/services.


Ideal Platform to Connect With Your Customers

Face book is one of the most popular social media platforms which the users log into on a daily basis and spend a large amount of their time. The face book is an effective platform that provides you with a global platform to raise awareness about your products/services. With its unique features that offer users the unique ability to share, it is just the ideal platform to advertise your products/services.

Post and Share Variety of Content

Videos are a huge trend today and businesses are increasingly making use of video to advertise their products/services. Posting and uploading videos on your face book page allows your business video to be shared by a large number of users besides a video always has the potential to go viral. Since users tale a lot of interest in sharing interesting videos a well-made video can help your message reach out a large number of customers. Similarly, you can also upload images and post information that entice your customers and compel them to share it with their contacts.

Therefore, irrelevant of whether you are a small, medium or large business you can make use of the face book advertising to reach out a large number of customers in a very targeted and effective manner. This not merely helps you use your advertising budget in a very effective manner but also helps you reach out to a larger number of people through the Face book sharing feature. Similarly, as this platform also offers you quick feedback you can also use this platform to improve your offerings and interact with your customers.

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