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Paid Media

Reach your targeted audience at the right time, through the right platforms and by right paid media marketing strategy.

Pay Per Click Advertising Services

Paid Media Process

Carrying out an Effective Market Research

The first and the foremost thing that an effective PPC campaign requires is an effective market research. Additionally it requires a thorough understanding of the consumer search patterns along with that of the local market. At Webnet, before we launch a PPC campaign or start PPC marketing we conduct a thorough search on your business and get to know it in an optimal manner. We then proceed to analyze your business objectives, your goals, your competition, the unique requirements of your industry and your needs.

 Keyword Research

Similar to the search engine marketing, keyword research is an integral part of PPC. However, we fully believe that PPC is not merely about bringing increased visitors to your website as it is equally about searching and using keywords that can help drive potential customers to your website and offer the optimal conversion rate. So why entrust Webnet for this work? It is because we at Webnet use advanced tools that allow us to understand how your potential customers carry out search on the search engine including search volume, searcher intent and keywords relevancy.

Account Creation Process

Our Google AdWords account creation follows our research process. If it your first time we will create AdWords starter edition for you however, once you have started we will switch you to the standard edition anytime you would want to.

A/B Testing 

We are known best among other PPC advertising companies in Pakistan for running PPC campaign that triggers users click on your advertisement. To maximize performance, we split test the ads while our dedicated PPC team work towards maximizing the value per click.

Optimization of the Landing Pages

To help convert the visitors to customers businesses need to design their landing pages. To help businesses convert these visitors into customers, we help our customers in the creation of Search Engine optimized landing pages. To further boost your profitability we help lead your customers throughout the purchase cycle to help you boost your sales in the most cost effective manner and deliver the maximum value.

Lead Generation

Our search engine marketing with PPC campaigns also allows lead generation since your ads only appear on pages and are returned for queries that have the potential to translate into clicks paving the way for conversion and lead generation. Therefore, whenever the potential customer clicks your ad, you are required to pay the search engine a certain amount.

Lead Generation Service

Key Towards the Successful Paid Campaign

Select Appropriate Keywords

The keywords you are targeting make it sure that they are related to whatever you are offering on your website if you are a business owner, make it sure people who are searching for the products you are offering are transmitted directly to a page where that purchases could be facilitated.

Continue Analysis

No matter if you are running a paid campaign, it is important that appropriate reporting is done. This is how, we analyze what works effectively for driving productive conversions and meeting your goals, and optimizing campaigns depends on those searches on a daily basis.


Month by Month Link Building and Content Outrun is conducted just to get enhanced ranking growth. That’s why we are known as the sales converting company among the other PPC advertising companies.


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