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Video Advertising Management Platform

Customize your display and video advertisements. Four sorts of advertisements are appeared underneath including Top Banner Ad, Bottom Banner Ad, In-stream Display Ad and Video Pre-roll Ad. Different advertisements alternatives, for example, Mid-roll promotion, Post-roll promotion and q-point promotion are additionally accessible.

All content conveying promotions. are install capable and convey meta-information , including social indicators, forums , and so on.

Embed-Able Banners / Carry Meta-information and Social Media Indicators/Forums
Q-Points Compatible only Banner ( Banner Ad. Qpoint Timing and Placement )

VIDEO Ads. for HTML 5 / FLASH & Mobile Players


Video Ads for HTML5, Flash and Mobile Players. Our framework underpins standard VAST/VPAID video promotion tag for Custom TV/LiveBroadCast/Video on Demand Content or any of our items.

VAST: The Video Ad Serving Template , a widespread detail for serving video advertisements.

VPAID: The Video Player-Ad Interface Definition , a general determination for connection between advertisement units and video players concentrated on "empowering a rich intuitive in-stream promotion experience".

VAST ( Video Ad. Serving Template )
VPAID ( Video Player-Ad Interface Definition )
Live Online Services Mixed-Layered Solution

At LOS, we have given you both choices: VAST and VPAID. to infuse both into your spilling content. Layering VPAID onto VAST offers an upgraded solution. VPAID builds up a typical correspondence convention between video players and advertising units that permits a single "executable promotion" (one that requires programming rationale to be executed as a major aspect of advertisement playback) to be shown in-stream with the distributor's video content, in any agreeable video player. Moreover, it empowers the executable promotion unit to expect and depend upon a typical arrangement of usefulness from the video player. VPAID empowers the video player to expect and depend upon a typical solution of usefulness from the executable promotion unit. The importance is that promoters utilizing VPAID advertisements can give rich promotion experiences to the visitor and gather promotion playback and association details that are similarly as rich as the promotion experience. With the reception of VPAID, publicists have more control over the show involvement in their video battles. Additionally, as VPAID consistent video players empower a more differing and intelligent arrangement of video promoting, VPAID agreeable distributors should hope to offer more instream video stock. With VPAID, the point is to address the accompanying business sector wasteful aspects for distributors, promoters, and sellers by:

  • Expanding basic video promotion supply innovation so that video distributors can promptly acknowledge video advertisement serving from office promotion servers and systems
  • Giving basic innovation determinations to promoters to create against, in this manner diminishing the cost of imaginative generation and accordingly expanding business ROI;
  • Enhancing video advertisement supply liquidity, in this manner diminishing the cost of coordination with every distributor

To enhance the intelligent advertisement involvement in video players, distributors are exceptionally prescribed that they should assemble their video players to the VAST.VPAID determinations. These details were characterized on account of innovativeness and development making a general standard, and should not constrain video player outline.

  • Cloud Server-side: Over 100 customization alternatives are accessible in your Admin Panel
  • Customer side code: JavaScript will permit you to set these custom alternatives
Cutomizable Video Ads. Parameters
More Ads. Placement Examples

  • VODs and Live Streaming with Logo and Banner Ads
  • In-Video Overlay Ads
  • In-Video Pre-Roll Ads
  • Pre-Roll Display Ads
  • News with Ads
  • Facebook incorporated with Ads
  • Picture with Scroll and Ads.
  • Youtube incorporated with Ads
  • also, numerous more strategies and style you can make your own.
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