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Web CMS Introduction


For "Click-Ease" Management of Your Site's Content

Have you been dedicating too much of your resources and efforts to your website optimization only to find out that is doing nothing to boost your search engine rankings and/or profitability? Then you indeed need to reconsider your strategy. At Webnet, we have had the opportunity of getting in touch with several such businesses that despite of due consideration to design, development, SEO and other platforms were not able to achieve the results that they struggled for and desired.

We, at Webnet, suggest our client to pay equal attention to content upgrades the absence of which may otherwise be serving as hindrance to their search engine visibility and rankings. Having a static website can actually lower your rankings as search engines like Google have a clear preference for regular and frequent content upgrades to offer the best and updated results for the user search. Today, businesses need a rich variety in features, functions, design and even their products/services which seems impossible in the scenario of static websites.

Therefore, if you are also making the grave mistake of having a static website then no doubt your search engine rankings are continuing to take a dip and your business is failing to capture the attention of your target audiences.

This is where our WCMS or the Web Content Management Systems can be of help to you. At Webnet, our Web Content Management Systems are developed at platforms like SharePoint, Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, DotNetNuke and offer tremendous potential to businesses to create, upload, edit, add, upload and delete content from their website. However, what lends our WCMS services an edge above that of the completion is that we deliver highly customized WCMS services and solutions to our clients that allow you to be in control of your website applications, code, audios, videos, images, photos and embedded graphics.

Benefits of Our Web CMS Systems

Below we are elaborating on the benefits of some of our most popular Web Content Management Systems.


Drupal has the potential to function as a rich and unlimited publishing platform. Therefore, Drupal is carefully developed with special tools that have an inbuilt potential to allow businesses to search, structure, organize and reuse their content. Moreover, Drupal comes with an easy to use and skillfully designed interface that serves as an ideal platform for businesses to set up a collaborative website.


DotNetNuke is an acclaimed open source content management system that has been designed on Microsoft ASP.NET Visual studio platform. This content management system is considered as an acclaimed platform to set up and manage multilingual websites with its highly specialized multi language localization feature, run-time extensibility, multiple database support and highly matured portal framework.



The Microsoft SharePoint has been specifically designed to simplify the task of content management, collaboration and sharing. The SharePoint is a plug and play Content Management System that has been exclusively designed to set up sites with a purpose to share information while it reduces the overall cost associated with maintenance, deployment and development.


What helps the WordPress stand out is the affordability associated with this platform that is not only easy but is also quick. WordPress is critically recognized as a user friendly and popular content management system platform. Therefore, if you are also on the outlook for a content management system platform that is quick, easy, user friendly and yet affordable, the WordPress is indeed the content management system for you.



Joomla is just the brand that is used by giant brands like MTV, Ikea and EBay therefore, if you are also looking to grow and prosper perhaps you can also take advantage of this platform. Similarly, Joomla is the choice for all those who wish to have multi lingual and highly interactive e-commerce applications, online communities, media portals, blogs and web sites. Owing to all its properties, Joomla has gained the reputation of the CMS system that has a “can do attitude”.

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